Welcome to SomehowSimple Electronics. This hobbyist blog will document many of my own projects. I am glad to share these projects for whomever is interested, and I will try to document the details of the project as best I can so that anyone can recreate them as needed.

This website will continually be under construction, but as I design and build more and more electronics the website will progressively grow and become more interesting....that's the plan at least.

I would like to appologise to those that have been waiting for me to post more articles. I've been extremely busy recently as I just bought my first home, I'm getting married towards the end of the year and work has become quite busy as well. I have not forgotten about the upcoming circuits from the "6 or less" book, and I will get to them when I get the chance.

In the meantime have a look at what has already been posted on the blog.